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110 km

Full Battery Range
(50 km/h)

99 km/h

Top Speed (Sport)

105 km/h

Top Speed (Turbo)

7 kW

Rated Power 

215 Nm

Peak Torque

72 V

Rated Battery Voltage

9.1 kW

Peak Power

 67 Ah / 4.8 kWh

Max Battery Capacity


Number of Battery

100-240V AC

OBC Universal Input

3 hrs

OBC Charging Time 

1.2 kW

Onboard Charger

1,887 x 920 x 1,200

L x W x H (mm)

165 kg 

Curb Weight
(with 1 battery)

Leg Muscle

Hub Motor

The rear wheel motor of the MCR-Hub gives you a torque of 215 Nm for the wheel with a max speed of 105 km/h in Turbo Mode. This hub motor will have you sprinting past city traffic in record times.


Master of Elements

Battery Cell from Japan/Korea

ovaobike only uses the best batteries to power your MCR bike. We currently use the high-quality Lithium-ion battery that is stable and safe. With this secure dependability, you will be able to reach 110 kilometers before needing a recharge if riding at a standard city speed of 50 km/h.

Built for Earth, Inspired by Space

Frame Structure

From the salt of the earth materials like iron and steel to spacecraft aluminum alloy, your ovaobike is made of everything a land rocket should be made of. Throw on a double swing arm for the rear suspension and you will forget you are even touching the ground.

Multi-Link Suspension

Does It Float?

Even the best-spent tax dollars miss a few holes. Rather than cringing every time you are forced to ride over them, feel safe with the ovaobike’s multi-link rear suspension system. This ingenious design will distribute the shock so you can comfortably handle whatever bumpy roads life gives you.

Feel the Light


We love to feel the speed when we ride, now we can see it. With 4 modes of riding – Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Turbo – you’ll watch your beautiful LCD screen light up through a spectrum of colors. Feel the speed. See the speed. Light up your ride.

Ready, Set, Turbo!

Once the way is clear, hit the Turbo button and watch the world pass by you like a ship in hyperspace. This electrically induced powerband will suck you into a vacuum of speed that will redefine your understanding of time and relativity.


While reaching speed of 60km/hr in the sport mode. With the remain battery power over 35%. The turbo mode can be activated. Simply by pressing the button. You will feel the change of the acceleration, speeding up to the next level.

Coming soon this summer

Stay connected and informed with the ovaobike app. From your phone, you can start your bike, find it, share it, check up on it, and study your rides. Click on the button below to see everything the ovaobike offers you right from your phone.

Data Science
Is Real

Bars or lines, tell me how awesome I am with raw data. Your ovaobike is a beautiful beast running on elements and electromagnetism. We take that awe-inspiring technology and put it in your hands in an easy-to-read way to help you get the most out of your ride.

Gallery: MCR-Hub

ovaobike GO

Want to see what you look like next to your future ovaobike before you buy it? With the latest augmented reality technology and your Apple device, that is now possible. It’s a multiverse of possibilities right in your hands.

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price tag (MSRP)

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