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ovaobike APP


Stay connected and informed with the ovaobike app. From your phone, you can start your bike, find it, share it, check up on it, and study your rides. Click on the button below to see everything the ovaobike offers you right from your phone.

Coming soon this summer

Everything Is Contained In Space

We don’t just have our eyes on the sky. We also have our attention here on Earth to give you more space in your daily life. With the ovaobike app, no keys required. Open up the app and hop on your ovaobike. You are ready to ride.

The Nucleus of Your Existence

The Mechanical Heart

No. We aren’t talking about your ex. The ovaobike app gives you a full vehicle status diagnosis – a visual heartbeat – of your ovaobike so you know what’s up in a clear and understandable manner. This is a heart that is always in your hands. 

Sharing Is Caring

Your Dreams. Your Dramas. Your Bike.

You’re a good friend. We know it. Your friends know it. That’s why we made it not only possible, but easy, to share your ride with friends. Those special people that you feel universally tied to.

Always on the Road

Never Out of Sight

We want to be out there, on our ovaobike and on the road, even if that just means daydreaming about it at work. That is why we made it possible to see your dashboard wherever you go. ovaobike is always there for you – in the garage and in your pocket.



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